The Glorification of Busy

By Mark Dudley

“Busy” has become our best excuse. We all have a lot going on. Between work, family, social life, and everything else, the hours in the day just fly by. I Googled the phrase: “Glorification of Busy”. It’s a topic that has been written about a lot within the last 6 months.

As we stay occupied, the world is changing around us, and fast. The mobile app that we were supposed to push out in the 1st quarter now looks like a project for 2014. I might not be able to call back that list of members this week. And I really don’t have time to answer the phone. I’m busy!

Has this happened at your Credit Union? Do your employees over-glorify busy? Are they so busy with busy that they are not getting their jobs done anymore? Is member service at your Credit Union now priority #2 after #1 busy gets done?

As an industry, it is time to refocus. My good friend Jason uses the saying: “Focus more, do less to keep track of his day. Busy doesn’t pay the bills, service does. Credit Unions need to focus on helping more members, providing more engaged service, and quit being busy taking orders.

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