The importance of email capture

by: Jared Miller

Email marketing is one of the most trackable and sales-oriented tools available to marketers. In fact, in 2014 every $1 spent on email marketing saw an average return of $44.25. Yet as powerful as email is, email databases remain the most undervalued tool in marketing. Financial institutions spend very little time updating and maintaining their lists. That’s a problem when 17% of internet users change their email every 6 months and 30% of email subscribers in a database change their email annually.

Why is it so important to keep your email database current? With automated email and sales platforms, you can easily target email campaigns to selectively engage members who meet your desired member profile for various products and services. That type of effort streamlines your outbound sales effort and delivers measurable results. See how ABNB Federal Credit Union saw immediate ROI using email to fuel outbound calling leads.

Keeping your email database clean and updated will increase your open rates, click-through rates and ultimately conversion.

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