The Importance of Retail

Look around your home or office.

What about this location makes you feel comfortable there? What makes you feel uncomfortable? These environments are second nature in how they affect us in our daily lives, however, a good brand should never forget how much of an impression their environment has to make on consumers.

The importance of retail merchandising to your brand should never be underestimated. It’s one of the first impressions you’ll get to make on a potential consumer and, often, it’s one of the most lasting.

Does the retail reflect the brand? 

Just because it’s an environmental part of your brand doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t fit with existing brand materials.

One of the best examples to consider is an Apple Store:

The setting is futuristic looking, sharp, clean, bright and crisp. All of those attributes fit into what Apple wants people to think their products are. Now, check out a Microsoft store:

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