The last line of legislative defense

Watching for bad bills while educating lawmakers and regulators is all in her (long) day's work.

As senior vice president and regulatory and compliance counsel at the Cornerstone Credit Union League, Suzanne Yashewski reviews thousands of legislative bills each legislative season.

The league represents credit unions in Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma—and the Texas legislature alone introduces more than 7,000 bills per session.
In odd years, Yashewski adds Arkansas and Oklahoma legislation to her review queue.

Yashewski explores every bill and makes recommendations for amendments that will protect credit unions and their members. She also educates lawmakers and regulators about the unique nature of credit unions and urges them to avoid burdensome laws and regulations.

“We certainly need regulation of ‘bad actors,’ but time and time again regulators confirm that credit unions are not engaging in the predatory actions abusing consumers,” she says.


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