The Mark Twain Rule

Have you ever been faced with an amazing opportunity for your organization, but could not figure out the best way to get your team excited for it? In a recent Inc. article, Bill Murphy Jr. introduces the “Mark Twain Rule” and how emotionally intelligent people can use it to be more persuasive.

In short, the rule highlights the importance of brevity when leaders communicate. It stems from a famous quote of Twain’s: “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.”

As leaders, coming up with a good message for those in your organization takes time. However, truly crafting a message, editing it, and ensuring the message is efficiently tied to your ultimate desired outcomes is worth the time and thought.

In the article, Murphy gives a brief example: “You’re considering a wonderful opportunity for your business, but you also face challenges. You’re excited and you want to get your team excited. How would an exceptional leader go about it?”


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