The most successful organizations in 2020 will do these 3 things…

… and of course, those who continue to struggle or tread water will not.

#3 Engage fully in the process of transformation.

The CU industry is moving at an incredible pace. There have been probably been more changes in the past 5 years than in the previous 50. Agree?

If you’re not fully engaged in the process of “transformation,” as an individual as well as an organization, you’re going to be left in the dust. It’s that simple.

This means continually developing leaders who are comfortable with uncertainty and who embrace change as an opportunity for growth and success. And the best way to do this is to expose them to change––always.

What are you doing to give leaders, particularly aspiring and emerging leaders the opportunity to engage in change and transformation?

On an organization level that means finding opportunities to lead change. For individuals it means supporting them with training, coaching and mentoring.

Most of all it means developing leaders who are focused on helping others learn, grow and develop. Leaders who understand that helping others transform is the key to successfully embracing the inevitable changes we all face in today’s fast paced world.

#2 Focus on people––FIRST.

I could stop right here.

Nearly every major problem I’ve seen in organizations over the past several years is either caused or exacerbated by a loss of focus on your most valuable asset…

Your people.

It costs an average of $15,000 to replace an employee today––much more to replace managers and executives. Over 70% of the American workforce is disengaged. One of the top reasons people leave and aren’t focused on their jobs is lousy leadership. I’ll go deeper––leaders who don’t care.

The research is bombproof. People perform at their best when––and only when––they know their leaders care. It is that simple. 

The best leaders and the best organizations put their people first. Again––it’s that simple.

#1 Be a “Sensei” Leader.

This is not self-promotion. Let me tell you exactly what a Sensei Leader is and why I’ve committed my life to this idea…

Most people understand “Sensei” as a teacher. That’s fair enough. A Sensei’s job is clear and simple: to inspire, empower and guide people––to achieve their very best.

Isn’t that what all effective leaders really do? And think about it, when you’re at your best as a leader, isn’t that what you really do? Inspire, empower and guide.

As I said above, today’s research shows clearly that people perform at their best only when they know their leaders care. They also need to know their work has meaning and that they have the chance to learn, grow and develop.

To accomplish this a leaders today needs emotional intelligence, strong interpersonal skills and a well developed and accurate sense of self-awareness. This is the type of leader we call a “human-centric” leader…

In the dojo, we call this person “Sensei.”

The Sensei enjoys a very special relationship with the people they serve. It’s a relationship built on respect, trust and loyalty. It’s one in which the Sensei places the needs of students above self-interest and measures one’s success only by the achievements of those students.

Isn’t that a perfect description of the genuine leader? A Sensei Leader is embodiment of effective, human-centric leadership.

In the dojo, the goal is to help people achieve mastery in the martial arts.

What does it mean in your life?

What are you trying to accomplish?

Are you doing it alone?

Dedicate yourself to earning the respect, trust and loyalty of the people you serve. Do this by leading with courage, compassion and wisdom. Lead by example and lead by sharing. 

In fact, when people press me to define leadership in one idea I always lean on this one:

“Leadership is sharing. A leader shares.”

The rest of the process is deciding exactly what it is you’re going to share and how. 

Your success as a leader is completely defined by the success of the people you serve. When they succeed, you succeed.

Jim Bouchard

Jim Bouchard

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