The need to know: IoT security

Welcome to the digital world, where cellphones hold your entire life in its database, tablets have become the new spiral notebooks, and contactless transactions make your day-to-day norms feel like futuristic experiences. The Internet of Things (IoT) has genuinely taken the cyberworld by storm, simplifying and connecting everything in its path.

Statista estimates that by 2025, “the total installed base of connected IoT devices globally will reach just more than 30 billion units, up from about 13 billion units this year…” IoT has the power to bring the internet and data processing to just about anything technological. As more connections are developed, your organization must make security its main priority. Building a partnership between IoT strengths and weaknesses will help you leverage new industry advancements while prioritizing your organization’s safety.

What is IoT?

According to NetworkWorld,  IoT is “a catch-all term for the growing number of electronics that aren’t traditional computing devices, but are connected to the internet to send data, receive instructions or both.” The keyword to remember when trying to understand IoT isconnection. Devices come together to improve efficiency, productivity, and flexibility in our world. With that, however, more exposure brings more risks to networks. Many IoT devices have been designed without security in mind, which poses a significant risk to the cybersecurity industry and organizations.


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