The Next Big Thing

We believe that cloud-based Customer Communications Management (Cloud CCM) is the next “big thing” in cloud computing. Communicating with customers is not as simple as it used to be and cloud CCM provides both the technology and the platform to make it easier and more effective. A majority of consumers now interact with businesses primarily through social, mobile and online systems. As a result, managing the “customer experience” is more complex and more important than ever before. Customers expect and demand a smooth, relevant and helpful experience no matter what how they interact with you. Cloud CCM gives companies the tools to do just that.
It’s About Engagement
The fundamental benefit of Cloud CCM is that it is a platform to enable more strategic and thoughtful activity behind how your company engages with customers on an ongoing basis. While Cloud CCM has plenty of impressive technology the real world benefit is about engagement. Cloud CCM can drive deeper levels of engagement by centralizing disparate systems and processes surrounding transactional, marketing, and social communications that improve customer and brand experiences. Generating results requires a strategic approach to manage customer engagement rather than a technical focus on managing customer communications. It’s more about the degrees of engagement than it is about the technology used to get it there.
Multi-Channel Management
In the past, companies controlled their brand messaging and customer correspondence by communicating via paper. The static, one-way communications channel was straightforward, but often uninspiring. These days, effectively managing your customer’s experience across multiple communications channels is critical. But it is difficult to achieve if you rely on antiquated systems, disparate pockets of technology, and isolated people and processes. Cloud CCM provides the answer with a platform to manage communications across all channels – email, online, social, mobile, and even print – to keep pace with customers and consumers who now regularly use multiple and social networks as part of their everyday lives.
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