The power of introverts

While an outgoing temperament might smooth the path to professional success, quieter individuals need not stay on the sidelines. Here’s how to leverage your strengths to get ahead.

Not everyone craves the professional spotlight. Some of us would rather stay in the background, doing good work and making strong contributions. Thankfully for introverts, there are many different ways to be heard and recognized to enrich your career—but it’s still on you to find the right way to get noticed.

Defining an Introvert

Peter Vogt, publisher of Introvert Insights, and author of The Introvert Manifesto, Moorhead, Minnesota, says it can be challenging to find a widely accepted definition of “introvert.” “It’s better, and more accurate, to refer to yourself (or whomever) as someone ‘with a tendency toward introversion’ much of the time. The term ‘introvert’ is shorthand for something that’s a mouthful to say in everyday life.”

It’s too easy to think of all introverts are the same, he notes, when they’re not. Rather, people who see themselves as introverts may share certain tendencies most of the time, defined in two ways:


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