The small credit union that rose from the ashes and beat the odds

Small credit unions often find themselves in the shadow of larger banks, with the threat of mergers looming large. But is there a way for these underdogs to not just survive, but thrive amidst such challenges?

Enter Peter St. Onge, President/CEO of Trademark Federal Credit Union, who knows the pressure all too well. Upon stepping into his role, St. Onge was greeted with daunting challenges: a staggering 43% employee turnover rate and a troubling negative Return on Assets (ROA).

With the walls closing in and merger discussions becoming a persistent buzz, Trademark Federal Credit Union was fighting an uphill battle for survival. However, through innovative leadership and strategic changes, the narrative began to shift.

Today, Trademark Federal Credit Union stands as a testament to what’s possible, expecting a healthy positive ROA of 50-60 basis points, and the whispers of mergers have been silenced.


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