The “Superformula” of Marketing

No matter what your age, receiving a cancer diagnosis can be devastating.  But imagine you’re a child receiving that news who doesn’t understand the full extent of what that means. But once treatments start it becomes real. It can be overwhelming with many trips to the hospital for treatments and chemotherapy.

One hospital recognized this and decided to do something about it. They rebranded their chemotherapy as a “Superformula.” The hospital covered their chemo-bags in logos from superheroes like Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman. In addition, they handed out custom comic books that showed the superheroes overcoming similar struggles with cancer using the same “Superformula”.

Genius! While it may not take away the pain or questions, at least it makes it a little less overwhelming.

Businesses and organizations could learn a thing or two from this hospital. While nothing can quite compare to the devastation that is cancer, think about your product or service. Whether you’re selling loans or widgets, checking accounts or chicken sandwiches there are better ways to package your offerings, especially if you’re in an industry that deals with serious issues. Think about the person walking in your door for a loan. They need a loan for a car to get to work, but they have rotten credit that’s the result of a nasty divorce. How could you make the experience a little less overwhelming and more comfortable?

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