The top ways to support the financial wellness of your account holders

In this era of uncertainty, 77% of Americans recently reported feeling anxious about their financial situation. Many account holders rely on their Financial Institution (FIs) as trusted advisors, and want them to proactively identify gaps in their financial wellness and offer them actionable steps for gaining firmer footing both in person and through their digital banking solution.

FIs should leverage data insights and targeted communications to become true partners in improving account holder financial wellness, which creates a virtuous cycle of improved satisfaction, retention and ultimately increased product revenue opportunities.

Financial Tools to Elevate the User Experience

Many account holders aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to getting in tune with their finances. The first step to reaching optimal financial wellness is empowering them with education. The second step is providing readily accessible, easy-to-understand tools for account holders—and explaining the importance of regularly utilizing them.


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