The Unexpected Credit Union Spokeswoman: Aunt Sophie

A fresh, creative integrated marketing campaign from Georgia United uses a sassy grandmother as an unlikely promotional spokeswoman.

Georgia United Credit Union ($975 million in assets, 124,000 members) in Atlanta wanted to generate buzz in the Atlanta area and build new member relationships.

They wanted to target large employers (called Select Employee Groups, or SEGs, in credit union terminology) with a dazzling integrated promotion. Georgia United’s goals included growing new members through key SEGs, increasing the number of products and services per household among SEG members, and driving growth in new auto loans.

What they came up with was a robust, multimedia marketing campaign built around a cash prize booth and elderly spokesperson named “Aunt Sophie.”

Who is Aunt Sophie? Josh Streufert, the Creative Director at Weber Marketing Group who invented the fictitious character, says Aunt Sophie is “everyone’s aunt, never short of an opinion and always ready to tell you what’s what.”

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