The value of ‘poodle attitude’ for credit unions

By Tammy Douglass

My sister-in-law’s poodle was in charge of the three dogs in her household. This was despite the fact that the poodle was really small compared to the Dalmatian and the black lab!

At a recent meeting of the CUES Greater Southern Council, Jackson Hataway, Ph.D., encouraged small credit unions to take on “poodle attitude” to help them shine in the marketplace.

To be more competitive, it’s a good thing not to be daunted, whatever your Credit Union’s asset size, suggested Hataway, associate consultant with Strategic Arts and Sciences, Eugene, Ore. Most Credit Unions could benefit from thinking more aggressively about their members and then enthusiastically honing in on those members’ current and future needs, he noted.

Tell me, smaller CUs–and big CUs competing with huge banks–what helps make up your “poodle attitude”? How has taking such an approach been effective for you?

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