Threads and credit union social media strategy … three months later

Meta’s new social platform, Threads, released on July 5, 2023, to much fanfare. According to Reuters, Threads saw a huge initial influx of 100 million people in its first five days of operation. Such an incredible performance set it up as a true rival to X (formerly Twitter).

But it’s been slightly more than three months since launch…so where does Threads stand now? And what does it mean for credit union social media strategy?

Let’s look at how Threads progressed since July, the new features it’s introducing and what it all means for your credit union social media strategy.

What goes up … must come down

Threads experienced incredible growth right off the bat. A user base a third of the size of the population of the United States hopped on in the first week, and they used the app for 21 minutes at a time. Two things drove the surge: ease and dislike of X.


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