Three top takeaways from CUNA GAC

Thoughts on ‘Open Your Eyes,’ crowdsourcing, and gender equality.

I always come away from the CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) with several good ideas. And this year I had more company than usual, as the more than 5,200 who gathered in Washington, D.C., set a new attendance record.

Allow me to share three points that particularly stuck with me over the past two weeks.

1. ‘Open Your Eyes’ is about consideration

CUNA unveiled the movement-wide “Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union” awareness initiative at the 2018 GAC, and has since rolled out in three states (Minnesota and North and South Carolina).

The initiative’s objective has been refined somewhat over the past year, however. As it turns out, a solid majority of Americans already are aware of credit unions. They may harbor some misperceptions—“I’m not eligible to join” and “they’re inconvenient” chief among them—but broadly speaking, people do know we exist.


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