Tie-breaker ideas for director elections

Since it is probably illegal to break a tie by cage match, credit unions need other ideas to employ when a board of director election ends in a tie.

Feeling nostalgic, yet? Same. Your nominees have likely not trained for such an intense brawl. Also, no one thought to include a large steel cage in the annual budget, which is extremely LAME yet realistic. In my research, I have discovered there are multiple ways to break a tie, including but not limited to: a game of 21 (basketball), picking a number between 1 and 10, and (a childhood favorite) rock, paper, scissors.

Considering the fact director health insurance would potentially be very costly, I cannot fault credit unions for failing to implement corporal resolutions to break election ties. I reluctantly agree there may be less-physical ways to prove that one nominee cannot in fact “see” the other nominee.

Credit unions have some flexibility in what they may include in their bylaws concerning elections. Credit unions can choose one of the four options regarding election style found in Article V of the model bylaws. Each election style essentially spells out how the credit union will nominate candidates, conduct an election, and which procedures will be followed. Currently, the model bylaws do not include a section on how to resolve tied elections. There doesn’t appear to be a lot of information about this specific issue outside of general tie-breaker solutions, mentioned above.


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