Tips to alter your thinking to problem solve better

For decades, leaders have adjusted business models as technology has improved our lives and disrupted the status quo. In this leadership blog, I constantly encourage innovation and risk taking to continue growing businesses. While this approach might be a scary undertaking in a world facing a pandemic and economic recession, I would argue that it’s more important than ever to try new things.

One of the things that has come out of this crisis is the faster adoption of technology – no matter what industry we operate in. It’s forced presidents and CEOs, owners, and managers to invest in digital platforms that allow day-to-day operations to continue without pause.

In a new post, leadership guru Art Petty notes the difficulty in “reorient[ing] our brains.”

“…[W]hen it comes to our approach to leading and all the ingrained habits and systems of managing, it becomes apparent that thinking and acting differently is extraordinarily difficult for biological and political reasons,” he writes.


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