Tips to move customers online as postage rates continue to climb

Electronic Adoption Strategies and Best Practices

Many organizations offer electronic statements, bills, renewals, notices and paperless correspondence to their customers. But despite advances in online technology, and in the face of popular sentiment to “be green,” most continue to struggle with increasing paperless adoption. The aim is to save trees, save money, and improve customer communications; but the key to success is getting customers to opt-in to the idea of going paperless.

Are you still printing and mailing thousands of pages of customer correspondence every month despite having an electronic solution? Without a well-defined strategy to drive paperless adoption, you may find that you continue to struggle with managing the burden of paper-bound communications.

How can you encourage your customers to go paperless? Here are some strategies and best practices you can use to increase adoption rates, improve communications, and maximize the value of your communication strategy.

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