Tips to stay connected during remote work

We’re now approaching eight months of a national emergency in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. For many of us, that means our teams haven’t been into the office since March. And for those who have been able to return, it’s likely that you are limiting in-person interactions.

The pandemic has drastically altered the way we do business. It’s also underscored an important part of our leadership roles: Relationships. That’s what I miss most about going into the office. Seeing my colleagues, being able to walk around and chat. I’m sure many of you feel the same way.

Just because we’re now operating in a more virtual environment doesn’t give us an excuse to stop building those relationships and being there for our team. In a recent SmartBrief post, Salesforce’s Marie Rosecrans shares four ways leaders can better use their emotional intelligence (EQ) to stay connected to teammates even while working remotely:

  1. Find meaning for each of the people on your team. While the pandemic has been difficult for all of us, it’s affected us each in different ways. The important thing for leaders to do is continue to build connections between your team. Encourage the fun, small talk on your daily or weekly check-ins, just as you would if you were standing in the kitchen at work. Celebrate the little victories in life. Many of us are struggling to adapt and balance responsibilities in this new, weird world. Create a space where your team can talk and find the silver linings of it all.


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