The CUInsight Experience podcast: Lisa Florian – Better Futures (#187)

“Inspire people to grow and use their potential.” - Lisa Florian

Thank you for tuning in to episode 187 of The CUInsight Experience podcast with your host, Randy Smith, co-founder of This episode is brought to you by Motivosity.  Motivosity is all about building amazing company cultures that help people be happier at work. Through building recognition, connection, and community within the credit union, Motivosity makes your employees more engaged, and in turn, your members are too. 

My guest on today’s show is Lisa Florian, President & CEO at Clearview FCU. Lisa shares her career journey in financial services that led her to where she is today. She strives for a collaborative team culture to support members and one another. The team at Clearview is committed to creating inclusive and thriving communities where financial growth and prosperity are accessible to everyone.

During our conversation, Lisa talks about meeting members where they are and expanding financial services where members show interest. She discusses the importance of communication and collaboration as it reflects team culture. Lisa shares the lasting impact mentors have had on her career and advises those working towards a leadership role. Listen as we discuss ways to drive our industry forward by inspiring others to grow, act, and live up to their potential.

As we wrap up the show, listen in as Lisa talks about the importance of self-care and work-life integration, nostalgic music from her favorite decades, and books she recommends. Enjoy my conversation with Lisa Florian!

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Lisa Florian, President & CEO at Clearview FCU
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Show notes from this episode:
A big shout-out to our friends at Motivosity, an amazing sponsor of The CUInsight Experience podcast. Thank you!
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In This Episode:
[00:52] – Lisa Florian talks about starting out in management development.
[02:06] – Lisa reflects on Clearview’s recent expansion of opening new financial centers.
[04:23] – Do people still care about branches?
[07:16] – What advice does Lisa have for becoming a CEO?
[09:57] – The Art of having good contacts.
[11:54] – Lisa talks about formal and informal mentors.
[13:09] – What does Lisa look for in a team member?
[16:02] – Lisa talks about open communication and collaboration.
[18:13] – Having a vision to make a positive difference in your organization.
[20:20] – “It happens.”
[22:25] – What’s the future of careers in the financial industry?
[25:35] – Sometimes you have to remind each other to move forward.
[28:29] – Lisa talks about a sensory project that amazed her recently.
[30:17] – Lisa shares what she’s learned about the blend of work and life.
[32:59] – You’ll know when you’re not doing your best.
[34:06] – “Success is very personal; it depends on the individual.”
[36:07] – Thank you Lisa, and thank you for listening!

Randall Smith

Randall Smith

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