Top 3 estate planning conversation killers – and how to overcome them

There’s no getting around it—talking to your loved ones about estate planning can be awkward. It’s understandable! Talking about the inevitable with family members can bring up unwelcome feelings about their death, and adding money to the conversation means you’re bringing up two socially taboo topics in the same breath.

Awkward or not, talking about estate planning with your loved ones is an important task that you don’t want to leave until it’s too late. It may be an uncomfortable conversation, but it’s much less stressful than playing the “guessing game” while your family deals with the grief of loss.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of pushing through that initial discomfort to sit down and have a conversation with family members. We’ll also talk about some common conversation killers that often prevent family members from bringing it up at all.


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