Top 3 Reasons to Consider a Cloud-ECM Solution

by Glenn Gibson

The idea of running enterprise applications in the cloud is no longer revolutionary. single-handedly managed to slip cloud-based CRM into many high-profile organizations, without anyone seeming to bat an eye.  Office 365 is also now also boasting some great success stories.  It’s safe to say that people are distinctly warming up to the idea of running their important applications in the cloud.

So, what about enterprise content management (ECM)?  Is it time to put your content in the cloud?  Here are three good reasons as to why you should seriously consider cloud-based ECM:

1. Take advantage of infrastructure you may not be able to afford or don’t want to put the effort into

Common components in an ECM deployment are: Web servers, application servers, database servers and storage servers.  Beyond the cost of this basic equipment,  the old “cost versus risk” discussion rears its ugly head as the “up-time” of your solution is discussed, and whether you can justify purchasing extra equipment for load-balancing, high-availability and back-ups.

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