Top 3 takeaways from THINK 18

Last week at CO-OP’s 11th annual THINK conference, over 750 credit union leaders from around the U.S. gathered in Chandler, Arizona to collaborate and learn strategies to achieve excellence through digital transformation. With the theme of the “Race to Excellence”, there was a strong focus on navigating the complexities of rapid evolution and revolution in order to meet the growing needs of financial consumers. Technology is changing faster than ever, presenting new challenges and opportunities for credit unions; but one thing is for certain, together through strategic partnership and collaboration our industry is well-positioned to thrive.

“Credit unions have a tremendous opportunity. How many organizations have 50 million+ people, have financial relationships with those people, and have trust? Apple. Amazon. And credit unions.” – Jaron Lanier.

A lot was covered over the course of THINK’s 17 keynote presentations and 35+ Power Sprint sessions and we’ll be sharing those insights throughout the coming weeks and months. For now, here are three key takeaways from this year’s THINK conference:


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