Top 5 Compliance Resources on the Internet for Financial Institutions


If you’re involved in the compliance effort at your bank or credit union, you know that these are challenging times just to keep up with what is going on, let alone trying to prepare your institution to respond accordingly.

Once a week, our new issues committee here at NeighborBench gathers together to review what is coming down the line and when so that we can help our clients prepare accordingly. These are not ordinary times. The technical term we use to characterize the volume of today’s regulatory developments is “a boatload.”

To help make wrapping our arms around the boatload manageable, we have segmented the internet into various “beats” (agencies, industry observers, banks and credit unions, associations, etc.), and each of us posts the hottest topics we find each day from our beat onto our tracking board’s hot list. We then track what others have posted from their beats as well. In addition to studying the regulations themselves, the daily scouring of the internet is an important part of our effort to keep up with trending regulatory matters.

But this is what we do here. We live, breathe and eat compliance in order to help keep our clients up to date. What about those people who have many other responsibilities in addition to compliance? They know that keeping developing compliance matters on their radar is important, but maybe they don’t have time to scour the internet each day tracking down the latest developments.

If the time you have available to keeping track of new issues in compliance is limited, here are the top five compliance resources I’d recommend you visit each day. A few minutes on each of these pages will be time well-spent.

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