Top four tech trends – What credit unions can do to adapt for 2020 and beyond

Conscious regard for the facts tells us that fintechs and big banks are innovating at a rate that far exceeds credit unions, primarily in the areas of channel integration and data delivery. But with a commitment to strategic transitions and renewed focus on the member journey, credit unions can overcome any gaps in top technology trends, and even use it to their advantage.

What Are the Top Four Tech Trends Credit Unions Face in 2020?

Digital Experience
When you think of the sum total of digital interactions between a member and your credit union, what is the resulting impression that member walks away with? In other words, how does your credit union’s messaging, personal banking functionality and branding appear on a PC, tablet or mobile phone? Aside from discovering your own honest answers to those questions, it is important to remember that digital experience is no longer just part of a strategy: it is an assumed part of delivery!


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