VIDEO: Weekly Wrap-up: Jan. 16-20

CUNA Council members examine 2023's challenges and opportunities.

Take a look at the year ahead in the latest CUNA News Weekly Wrap-up, which summarizes the best CUNA NewsCUNA News Podcast, and Credit Union Magazine content from Jan. 16 through Jan. 20.

CUNA staff spent the week with several CUNA Council members, who took the time to step back and consider what they expect to happen in 2023. Elevations Credit Union Chief Operating Officer Ray Lindley and Family Savings Credit Union Chief Marketing Officer Lesli Bishop examine all angles of their credit union from a lending and marketing perspective, respectively.

Hear more considerations, challenges, and opportunities from Lindley, Vantage West Credit Union Chief Lending Officer Jeremy Pinard, and Connect Credit Union EVP/Chief Operations Officer Cynthia Ryan on the latest episode of the CUNA News Podcast.


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