by. Anthony Demangone

I met a group of my credit union friends last night in Las Vegas. One of them asked me a simple question.

Anthony, what is your blog going to be about tomorrow?

Inside, I groaned. Although I was on hour 16 of my day, I hadn’t written anything yet. I had to come up with something…but what?

As these thoughts were going through my head, I was looking out a window that was high above the Las Vegas skyline. As far as you could see, there were bright, twinkling lights. There were buildings that looked like Paris. Some that looked like New York.

I wasn’t alone in gazing out the window. Someone mentioned how amazing it all was. How a simple town in the middle of the desert was transformed into an amazing creation of mankind.

Whether you like Las Vegas or not, you have to admire its moxy. A city like this seems to have no business being where it is. Or as popular as it is.

But against all the odds, it is all of that and more. 

It is a testament to the idea of vision. Of risk-taking. You’ve likely heard the stories. No one thought world class resorts would make it in Vegas. Well, nearly no one.

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