Wait…that’s not what I meant…

by. Anthony Demangone

I still want to slap my forehead when I think about it.

A colleague was preparing a report for NAFCU’s board of directors.  I emailed him to see when I could expect it. Unfortunately, I “fat-fingered” my iPhone, ending the sentence with an exclamation point by accident.

“When will I see it?” became “When will I see it!”

His reply seemed strange, until I saw what I did. While I cleared things up, I’m sure Greg wasted 15 minutes wondering what I meant.

I’m not alone in sending cryptic emails. This article from the Wall Street Journal dives into the subject.

Jill Campen was baffled recently when her boss Marty Finkle fired back a one-word reply to her carefully thought-out email asking for his approval on a client-training presentation she had prepared: “Done!” Ms. Campen, a consultant at Scotwork North America in Parsippany, N.J., puzzled over the message for a half-hour, then decided she was too upset to resolve the matter by email. She called Mr. Finkle and asked, “What is going on with you? ‘Done?’ What does that mean?”

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