Want to stand out? Here’s one simple thing you can do

We live in one of the easiest countries in the world in which to start a business, be successful in our careers and/or have a multitude of opportunities at our fingertips. There are countless books out there written on “how to stand out from the crowd.” However, I believe one of the simplest ways to set yourself apart – both professionally and personally – comes much easier than following a 10-step list or “how-to guide.”

With social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, showing “support” for someone or something is as easy as hitting the “enter” button but, for many people and many companies, the effort stops there.

After receiving feedback from our clients over and over again along the vein of “thank you for always doing what you say you’re going to do,” I have come to realize this is one of the biggest differentiators in business…being dependable. To be honest, I didn’t want something so basic to be one of our key differentiators but, as I have the privilege of getting to work with increasing numbers of credit unions across the country, I have seen how prevalent this “simple” rule lacks among leadership teams, board and staff members, and vendors in this industry.

This rule can be applied everywhere…not just in the office. Want to stand out and be a better friend, spouse, neighbor, etc.? Be dependable. If you make a promise, do what you say you are going to do. Integrity is one of the most important qualities we can possess as people.

We work in a tight-knit credit union community, which requires being able to trust one another in order to make the industry as a whole move forward successfully. Integrity and trust are the hallmarks are what we ask of our members when we grant them a loan, and of our employees when we offer them a job. Integrity and trust are what set the great companies apart.

It’s as simple as showing up, as keeping your promise, and acting on your word, but the fruits of this labor can have a lasting impact in whatever area of life you make this concerted effort.

Amanda Thomas

Amanda Thomas

Amanda is founder and president of TwoScore, a firm that channels her passion for the credit union mission and people to help credit unions under $100 million in assets reach ... Web: www.twoscore.com Details