Watershed moment kept HR 1151 alive

CU CEO recalls last-minute change in vote that allowed the bill to get out of committee.

Bob Burrow had a front-row seat to a watershed moment during the fight to pass H.R. 1151, the Credit Union Membership Access Act.

It came during a House Banking Committee meeting that would determine whether H.R. 1151 would be moved out of committee and put to a vote, explains Burrow, CEO at $500 million asset Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union in Proctor, W.V.

Burrow, who lives across the river in Ohio, was on good terms with Rep. Bob Ney, R-Ohio, and had met with the congressman about the need to pass H.R. 1151.

Ken Watts, president/CEO of the West Virginia Credit Union league, knew of Burrow’s rapport with Ney, a House Banking Committee member, and invited the credit union CEO to attend this particular meeting.


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