Wawa breach: A hacker is selling 30 million stolen credit cards on the dark web, cyber experts say

In late December, the popular Northeast convenience store chain Wawa disclosed hackers had obtained payment data for some of its customers. Now, the scope and the fallout from the hack is becoming apparent, as criminals this week reportedly began to sell millions of credit and debit card accounts on the Internet.

According to Gemini Advisory, a firm that researches cybercrime, a well known hacker known as Joker Stash posted the data for sale on Monday evening on the so-called dark web—an anonymous layer of the Internet popular with criminals.

In a screenshot given to Fortune by Gemini Advisory, the criminal boasts of possessing more than 30 million card numbers from more than 40 different states stemming from a “nationwide breach.” The screenshot, shown below, does not name Wawa but Gemini is confident the company is the source of the breach:


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