We need you to lead us

Sometimes, pictures of what leaders need to be come from the most unexpected places. Like a crowded airport.

I was standing in the general boarding area at the gate with approximately 500 other folks—all of us looking like we just witnessed a puppy murder. That’s how it is the day you leave the island of Maui. It’s tough. People are dejected. Some have tears in their eyes.

And at this point—the end of a magical vacation filled with the Aloha Spirit—you just want to board the airplane and get home. It’s too miserable to think about the fact that although technically you’re still on island, and just a few hundred yards from escaping back into paradise…you cannot do so because you’ve run out of time, money, lodging and your “real life” awaits.

Leaders Need to be Honest

So, there we were. Two groups at adjacent gates waiting to board two different airplanes departing within minutes of each other for the five-hour journey back across the Pacific to the West Coast. We should have started boarding already. We hadn’t. More time goes by. Everyone standing in the ‘unofficial’ line to board. Finally, the gate agent admits there is a delay with our airplane—the specific cause unknown to her—but maintenance is on the way. Isn’t it funny that we all want to know what the specific issue is? Like we are going to pull a torque wrench from our carry-on, head to the tarmac and save the day.


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