weCU2 uncovers the key to merging millennials with your credit union

by: Mike Lawson

Spoken from the vocal chords of a true, self-proclaimed Millennial, we discovered the key that unlocks the elusive mystery for credit unions to attract and retain this all-important, younger demographic for future success. We received this valuable advice gem from weCU2’s Sarah Timmins and Victor Corro (roll your Rs, please), as they explained their new, Millennial credit union venture that has partnered with WOCCU — making it a truly international effort.

Sarah and Victor describe weCU2 as a “digital coffee house” loaded with videos, blog posts, life advice, and other related content for young members and consumers to collaborate and share with each other that ultimately spreads the word about credit unions. In addition, we spoke about weCUs’s relationship with WOCCU, how the organization benefits credit unions, and its upcoming goals. Check it out and help support weCU2 in its efforts to foster our industry’s “member succession plan.”


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