What Are The Different Types Of Cloud Platforms For Credit Unions?

by Kirk Drake

If your a bleeding edge technology adopter and feel that you could never try a new way to deploy technology than this post isn’t for you.  However,  if you are beginning your research on cloud computing and trying to determine how will impact your credit union or business this post is for you.

Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Community Cloud, Rain Cloud…. What does it all mean?  These new technology trends are pushing us to consider cloud solutions for everything!  So what is the difference between all of these platforms?

Private Clouds

You may be running a private cloud with out even realizing it!  Private clouds are infrastructure platforms built with the sole purpose to serve your organization and your organization only.   If you have built a virtual server environment with centralized storage, networking and management you already have your own Private cloud.  If you have not deployed this setup for your infrastructure you are already behind the technology curve.

Private Cloud Drawbacks

Reduced Elasticity– Private clouds ARE more elastic however they are still like the “buy a server for every application” concept where you have to buy compute memory and disk to support your platform.  You are usually stuck carrying some sort of extra capacity to support bursting compute and memory needs.

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