What can your credit union learn from a recycling company?

Innovation. It just might be today’s most popular buzz word. Some other buzz words we hear way too often these days? Automation. Data. Efficiency. Do you know what industry puts these words into action to achieve great things? No—sigh—it’s not the credit union industry that I LOVE. It’s the recycling industry, which—sigh—I love just as much as credit unions.

Recycling, single-stream recycling to be specific, is one of the coolest, most innovative industries out there. And just like credit unions, single-stream recyclers want to do good things.

The other day, as I was happily scrolling on LinkedIn, a video caught my eye. (Ahh, the irresistible appeal of conveyor belts with recyclables speeding by!) After watching the video, I read this corresponding blurb above it:

“We are testing small OCC recovery from the unders of a commercial OCC screen this morning with a client at our new test facility in Norwalk, CT. Ask us when we can set up a test with your material. Not sure what you want to recover? Our continuous loop system gives you the option to blend material back together or separate what you have recovered for further testing. We will try anything you can think of!”

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