What Defines a Great Member Experience?

“CEM” spells opportunity
Every business thrives on happy customers. Whether you call them “members,” or “clients,” or “customers,” bottom line success depends on the experience customers have with your products, your services and your company. If it’s positive, you win.  If it’s negative; beware.
Happy customers were the first “viral marketing” technique. After all, if one of your patrons tells a friend about how great their experience was…and they tell a friend, and they tell a friend…you’ve got a buzz going. That’s why good customer service has always been the cornerstone of building customer loyalty and the perception of leadership in the marketplace.
But satisfied customers are often the “silent majority”; less likely to sing your praises than an unhappy customer is to tell the world how dissatisfied they are. To encourage your happy customers to spread the word you must develop a thoughtful strategy regarding Customer Experience Management.
CEM Goals
The goal of customer experience management is to move customers from simply being satisfied and into becoming an advocate for your brand. Whereas word-of-mouth was once limited to casual feedback over coffee or an informal chat at the water cooler, customer experiences and perceptions are now shared world wide and virally via social media like Facebook, Pintrest, Google+ and Twitter. That’s not to mention a multitude of blogs, chat rooms and product review sites. Getting happy customers to share their enthusiasm in a potentially world-wide forum…you just can’t beat that kind of marketing.