What is your credit union’s digital IQ?

As the digital revolution continues to change how we interact with members, your credit union must consider its digital IQ. A digital IQ is how much technology your credit uses and how well it uses it; a credit union that uses only a little technology, but uses it effectively, might have a higher digital IQ than a credit union who has a lot of technology but doesn’t use it to its full potential. Understanding your credit union’s digital IQ is the first step to increasing it and creating a better experience for your members.

Evaluating your credit union’s digital IQ

The first step in understanding your credit union’s digital IQ is by taking a thorough look at the technologies your credit union has invested in; this includes everything from your Microsoft suite to your core to your vendor technologies. Next, assess what your credit union uses these technologies for versus what they’re capable of. Consider the following while making your audit:

  • Is your credit union underutilizing a technology?
    • Is it capable of making predictions and tracking data points, but is currently being used to produce a single report?


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