What would Steve Jobs do about a crappy credit union?

by: Bo McDonald

In the recent “Steve Jobs on Credit Unions Part II, Why Do Crappy Credit Unions Exist?” I focused what makes credit unions less than stellar. To put it simply, mediocre credit unions lack three things: a culture, a vision, and a passion.

True, spotting the lack of those three things is much easier than fixing them. In fact, the remedy takes total dedication with 100 percent cooperation from the board, the management team, and the front line staff. What if you are the Lone Ranger in mounting the change? What can you do if YOU have the vision and passion for a positive culture at your credit union, but can’t get others on board? You build a team. The others don’t even have to know. You lead the charge by focusing on identity, purpose, and adventure.

For example, fans of a particular sports team are the members of a club. Their team gives them identity, purpose and adventure. In-person events, Twitter, and other social outlets give their followers pathways to connect. The same can be said for political parties, religious organizations, rock bands, charities, and fitness groups. The opportunity to share passion with others builds identification, stresses purpose, and promises adventure. It works the same with your credit union.

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