What’s in a name: Champion Development Manager

Sara Dunlap empowers employees at Leaders Credit Union to help stakeholders meet their potential.

Being responsible for creating champions at an institution named “Leaders” sounds like it could be a high bar, but Sara Dunlap says she’s enthusiastically up to the task.

Dunlap is champion development manager, a new role the credit union created specifically for her about a year ago. Before that, she spent first five years working as a teller, then as a universal banker, then in the call center, and then as a performance development coach.

Now she’s responsible for helping every employee at Leaders Credit Union ($591.7M, Jackson, TN) understand the role they play in helping the west Tennessee cooperative ensure all stakeholders — employees and members alike — meet their potential.

“This role has roots in what we we’ve done in the past,” Dunlap says. “But it is inspired by our organization’s present needs and the goal of continuing to move forward.”


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