What’s next: 5 cybersecurity challenges to consider in 2022

It’s that time of year when we begin to reminisce about the good and the bad of the year we’re leaving behind. By now, you’ve probably realized that 2021 was tough on cybersecurity. This year, there have been an estimated ~1,291 data breaches, including the Solar Winds, GoDaddy, and Colonial Pipeline breaches. These breaches opened the eyes of many and made it clear that no one industry is less likely to be affected by a cyber-attack. To prepare us for the year to come, we’re discussing five cybersecurity challenges we foresee happening in 2022.

Five Cybersecurity Challenges to Combat in 2022

  1. Adapting to a Remote Workforce: The world of cybersecurity has changed drastically. Companies have adapted to servicing their customers and employees remotely for almost two years. Companies continuously learn how to conduct business remotely while protecting their networks. It’s been quite a learning curve for us all, and there is no sign of it letting up in 2022.
  1. Ransomware Challenges: The nightmare that will keep on giving as we move into the new year. Ransomware will remain cybersecurity’s biggest challenge in the new year, as hackers develop tactics that will become harder to defend against. IBM recently shared that in 2020, ransomware attacks were more expensive than the average data breach, costing $4.44 million on average. Attacks, including extortion, social engineering, and more, are set to increase, meaning sensitive data will be their bait. Companies will have a significant responsibility to prepare their employees and their IT teams for battle.


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