When it comes to credit union strategic planning, just stand there

You’re squarely in the middle of a really busy season! I know what you’re thinking: when is it not a busy season in your industry?

For many credit unions and community banks, the fall months are full of strategic planning, budgeting, operating plans and figuring out how to get those last remaining projects over the finish line before the holiday season sneaks up on us.

While community bank and credit union strategic planning is popular during this time of year, it’s important to know there’s not a bad time to build your institution’s next strategic plan. Community institutions create their future roadmaps all throughout the year. So, if you think you’ve missed your opportunity this year…never fear, you can start at any time!

Don’t just do something…

I recently listened to a podcast mentioning an example from the wall of a physicians’ breakroom in a hospital. A banner on the wall read, “Don’t just do something…stand there.”


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