Who is your chief perfectionist?

by: Anthony Demangone

The New York Times had a wonderful Q and A recently with Mitch Rothschild, CEO of Vitals. I encourage you to read it.

There was one answer he gave that struck me.

What about your parents’ influence?

I grew up in a Germanic household. My parents taught us the importance of very high standards. When I started the company, I called myself “chief perfectionist.” That didn’t play well with a number of folks, although I liked the concept. I just viscerally reject the concept of mediocrity. I’d say that’s very much built into my DNA. Parents influence you either because you want to be like them or because you want to not be like them.

Seeking perfection is an interesting concept. Like anything, it has its good sides and bad sides. Waiting for perfection? You might wait too long and be passed by the competition. You’ve heard the saying…perfection is the enemy of greatness. 

But if you don’t try for “perfect,” you might not push yourself hard enough to do the incredible. I think every organization needs someone setting high standards for the organization.

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