Who will win: Apple Pay or Google Wallet?

by: Jared Miller

Apple Pay vs. Google Wallet: who’s going to come out on top? It’s a pretty trendy question right now. Several credit unions we’ve talked to are holding back on Apple Pay to make sure it’s going to take off. Google Wallet has been out for a couple of years now with little traffic, but it’s Google…the largest data company in the world. So, who will win as the main mobile wallet provider? We have a simple answer: both (plus others).

Apple vs. Google: Seen It Before

Let’s have a little history lesson to help put this into some context. Remember when the first shots were fired? Google became a real smartphone competitor to Apple, and the battle between Google Maps and Apple Maps began. Who won the map battle? Neither. The most common map application run on IOS smartphones is Apple Maps. The most common map application run on Androids is Google Maps. Sure, some users download Google Maps to their IOS, but it’s not the majority. Both found room to compete successfully.

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