Why credit union executive compensation strategies are more important today than ever with ECS’s Katrina Saiz…

You’d have to be three minutes old not to realize that there is a mass exodus within today’s credit union executive ranks. So succession planning is of utmost importance when it comes to leadership continuity for your credit union. At the top of this list is compensation for these executives, along with quality benefit packages not only to attract top talent but to keep that talent as well.

To provide some valuable insight on this subject, we invited Executive Compensation Solutions’ Katrina Saiz on the show for an in-depth explanation on what credit unions can do today when dealing with this concerning C-suite situation. Katrina also reveals the latest trends for credit union executive compensation and benefit packages — information that will be of great help to those out there in search mode.

In addition, Katrina provides credit unions with a call to participate for its annual Survey on executive compensation and benefit packages — something ECS has been producing for more than a decade now for free. So visit their website (www.ecs-m.com) and register to participate in the Survey, which comes out later this year. And Credit Unions for Kids also win if you participate. Check it out!


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