Why credit union marketing must be redefined

Life was very different 15 years ago.

  • Second Gen iPhone came out and the big deal was 3G and it finally had GPS!
  • Blu-ray players went “mainstream”
  • Google introduced the android
  • Blackberry debuted the Storm and Wii Fit was introduced
  • George W. Bush was still president, Obama was elected later in the year
  • Giants beat the Patriots to win the Super Bowl
  • Feds cut interest rates by 75 basis points to 2.25%
  • Bill Gates stepped down from Microsoft and WALL-E was released in theaters
  • Bernie Madoff was arrested
  • The No. 1 song was “Low” by Flo-Rida

If we focused on your credit union marketing plan 15 years ago, it was probably pretty simple. It consisted of traditional media like radio, television, outdoor, and maybe even direct mail. You may have been dabbling in starting a Facebook page or launching email marketing campaigns at a very basic level.


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