Why ‘cultural fit’ matters when picking a B2B payments partner

The days of simply operating with a cash register and credit card machine on the counter are long gone, said Matt Good, senior vice president and general manager of Elan Advisory Services, U.S. Bank.

Nowadays, a digital storefront, eCommerce website or connection to a delivery platform is a must. The brick-and-mortar business must leap to an omnichannel world.

As Good told PYMNTS, smaller merchants have had to “dramatically change — literally overnight — the ways in which they operate and accept payments.” And most of them have pivoted to embrace and offer more payment options to their end users.

Those end users, he said, have been shifting their payments preferences and have found comfort and convenience in using tap-to-pay, mobile wallets and even text-to-pay options, which in turn have changed in-person experiences with their chosen merchants.


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