Why empowering Gen Z empowers credit unions, too

As Gen Z comes of age and gains immense financial power, their need for financial education is more important than ever. Credit unions are one of the best resources for Gen Z and other younger generations to bridge the gap between their lack of financial education and increasing financial influence and set themselves up for financial success. However, these generations are rarely taught what credit unions even are, let alone how to utilize them to their advantage.

That’s where Zogo comes in — a financial literacy app designed by Gen Z and made for Gen Z, as well as any generation seeking to improve their financial literacy, that not only provides personal finance education but also connects users with financial institutions in their area. With the help of Zogo’s gamified, bite-sized learning modules, financial education goes from school snooze fest to rewarding mobile game!

Utilizing Zogo at your credit union will help you both empower a new generation of financial decision makers and also promote your CU’s unique mission and services to broader audiences. When you empower one Gen Zer using Zogo’s fun and rewarding learning app, it’s more than likely they’ll let their friends know about the ease, support, and education they experience with your CU. Being a helping hand during the beginning of younger generations’ financial journeys is a great way to earn yourselves loyal lifetime members. 

With 200 financial partners and counting, Zogo is reaching next-gen audiences like no other financial education program of the past. To learn more about how Zogo can benefit your CU, request a demo today!

Contact the author: Zogo

Contact the author: Zogo