Why savvy credit union marketing is critical now more than ever — Weber Marketing’s Mark Weber explains


by. Mike Lawson

Fresh off the plane from the recent GAC show in D.C., it seems credit unions are hitting on all cylinders. And that’s definitely a good thing, as we have happily departed from those gut-wrenching recession days. There may still be a few lingering effects, but overall credit unions are starting performing well now. That said, is it time to rest on your laurels and hope to reap the rewards? Is it time to put it on cruise control and believe a river of new members will continuously flow through the door? No way.

Now’s the time to capitalize on our industry’s momentum — and nobody knows that better than Weber Marketing’s President/CEO Mark Weber. Mark will be the first to tell you that marketing is a key element in maintaining and even exceeding performance expectations when times are good. He’ll even tell you to keep the hammer down when times are bad.

Now you’re probably thinking that’s a biased message coming from an experienced marketing professional. It’s easy to go there, but Mark provides many credit union marketing success stories that keep his message objective — and on target adding proven advice for any CU looking to get a leg up on the competition.

But not everything is rainbows, sprinkles, and sunshine in the credit union marketing world. Although many industry campaigns have won awards and garnered much praise, credit unions still have a ways to go in this area — especially as marketing has become more complex today with the multiple channels that need to be covered consistently to reach a varied audience. Again, Mark provides some potent and practical advice supported by more winning examples.

We also touch on Weber Marketing’s affiliation with CUES and the upcoming Golden Mirror Awards. In addition, to help CU marketers master their skill for enhanced exposure, Weber and CUES have slated dates for their Strategic Marketing School (July 14-16, 2014) for those pros who desire the coveted Certified Strategic Marketing Executive (CSME) title.

We had quite an extensive chat with Mark, but it’s absolutely loaded with educational information anybody can use to elevate their marketing skills and knowledge. Well worth the time, so check it out!

CUES School of Strategic Marketing
Golden Mirror Awards

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