Why tech standard CUFX bodes well for credit unions’ future with Baxter CU’s Jeff Johnson

It’s technology Tuesday here on CUbroadcast and we invited Baxter Credit Union’s SVP/CIO Jeff Johnson on the show to talk about the up-and-coming technology standard for our industry: CUFX — or Credit Union Financial Exchange. We first spoke with Jeff about CUFX a couple years ago when it was first launched. I’ve been hearing more and more about it as of late and decided to check in to gain the latest status on this standard, as some pretty big names are behind this effort.

We asked Jeff why this standard is so important for today’s credit unions, what enhancements have been made to CUFX in the last couple years to make it even better, how CUs and tech vendors and support the effort, where folks can discover more about CUFX, and a lot more. Check it out and pass it on.


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